Welcome to the Frazier Farm

Located outside of Bon Aqua, Tennessee (pop.:  6,344), the Frazier Farm has been continuously owned by the Frazier family for 4 generations.   Joyce Frazier & her husband, Jimmy, own 50 meat & milk goats, free-range chickens, guineas, a small herd of cattle, rabbits & turkey.

In addition to their daily chores of feeding & managing these animals, they also have a family garden providing fresh vegetables for their extended family, close neighbors & for sale during the spring, summer & early fall.  The goats provide milk, the chickens provide an abundance of fresh eggs & meat, the rabbits & guineas provide fresh meat & are for sale.  The guineas also have proven to be extremely adept at eating insects common to the garden & farm, particularly ticks.

Joyce’s interest in homemade Goat Milk Soaps, Lotions & other beauty products, offered in a choice of Fragrances,  is a natural offshoot from caring for their goat herd.  Once the goats’ babies are weaned, she continues milking her goats in order to provide a highly-nutritious milk for her family & relatives.  It was only a matter of time before she ventured into the art of soap-making to further utilize the excess milk from her goats.

Here’s an overview of my products:

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Product Overview

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located in the foothills of Tennessee