Lotions, Body Mists & Air Freshener

My Goatmilk Hand & Body Lotions are based upon a goatmilk formula complementing my soap lines, perfect for after-bath/shower.  The emolients sooth your skin while providing the natural protection beneficial to a soft, radiant glow.  It is offered in an 8 oz. bottle.

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 Price:  $10.00 + shipping.

I also offer my Moisturing Hand & Body Lotions which are based upon a slightly different formulation which increases the natural glycerin content.  These are my most popular products, complement my soaps & are available in both 4 oz. or 8 oz. sizes.

Hand & Body Lotions

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 (4 oz.) Price:  $5.00 + shipping.

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(8 oz.) Price:  $8.00 + shipping

The Moisturing Body Mist  is recommended for use after shower or bath to replace your skin’s natural moisture.  They are available in 4 oz. bottles & come with a pump atomizer sprayer.

Moisturing Body Mist

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Price:  $5.00 + shipping.

The Linen Spray Air Freshener is most often used in the bathroom & the bedroom.  It is offered in a 4 oz. bottle & comes with a pump atomizer sprayer.

Linen Air Freshener

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 Price:  $5.00 + shipping.

All of these products come with a pump or atomizer pump sprayer (Air Freshener).  Pricing does not include shipping cost. Use the following to estimate your shipping cost or feel free to either call or email me.

Shipping:  I use USPS Flat Rate Boxes to ship my product.  Based upon the size of your order, I will ship in one of the following boxes:

  • Small Box (accommondates 6 bars of soap) – $6.80
  • Medium Box – $13.45
  • Large Box – $18.75


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